Network Solution

Our network services department specialises in installing fibre optics and network cables. Our network engineers design, install and maintain world-class high performance networks. We furthermore install and setup iMVison to monitor and optimize current and new network installations

Project Management

To ensure products are delivered on time, in budget and adhere to the business requirement iScrip use professional project managers to manage all projects. This is from analysis projects to full turn key projects.

Systems & Software Support

System and Software support is the discipline of user support when the product is in a production environment. iScrip provide level 2 and level 3 support and this entails the technical support and ad hoc reports and access related queries.

Systems Integration

iScrip’s products all have to integrate to other software or applications and seamless integration and error handling between parties is of the utmost importance.

Software Testing

Software testing is a process of executing a set of test cases with the intent of finding the software bugs. It can also the process of validating and verifying that a software program meets the business and technical requirements. iScrip uses an Agile approach and the Business analyst has an end to end view through the development live cycle and assist the testers to ensure good quality and adherence to requirements are achieved.

Software Development

iScrip strive to employ only the best innovative developers. They create high quality systems with easy to use interfaces and open API’s for plug and play.

Systems Architecture

System architecture is a conceptual model that defines and describes the structure, behavior, and more views of a system. It is also the systems architect’s responsibility to create a system architecture that will allow for maximum configurability by end users to minimize development after implementation.

Systems Analysis

A systems analyst is a person who uses analysis and design techniques to solve business problems using information technology. The iScrip resources are all information experts with sound business experience to solve complex problems.

Business Analysis

Business analysis is a research discipline of identifying business requirements and determining solutions to business problems. Solutions often include a software-systems development component, but may also consist of process improvement, organizational change or strategic planning and policy development. Using the iScrip attitude the BA plays in all four!

BE POSITIVE There is power in positive thinking.
LISTEN Great ideas come from great conversations
SOLVE Find logical and practical solutions

DO Get the idea working