As a major communications company, MTN is focused on the African continent. They believe that through access to communication, comes economic empowerment.

MTN is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange under the Telecommunications Service Sector.


HELIOS is a comprehensive, advanced decision management application specifically designed for Account Origination and Credit Vetting.

The Brief

MTN needed a system to manage the risk of incorrect lending decisions made on the issuing of cell phone contracts. The mitigation of business risk and associated financial loss as a consequence of lending to an individual who defaults and also to good lenders who are denied credit facilities, was core to MTN’s requirements.

The overall objective was not only to determine whether the applicant is credit worthy, but also to attract quality credit applicants who could subsequently be retained (limiting churn) and controlled while maintaining an overall profitable portfolio.

The Helios system needed to embrace business rules and requirements that are often changed in a very short space of time in order to accommodate model and scoring improvements based on ongoing market analysis.


The system was required to satisfy the following requirements:

  • The option to use multiple scorecards for different market segments
  • The system needed to be very configurable with limited development required when changes in the business are made
  • Easy to deploy and use
  • Business rules set-up and configuration by business owners – limited development required
  • Automation of business policy and rules in client vetting – limit manual decision making
  • Workflow and task allocation to different work groups as per business requirements
  • Full MIS Reporting – ease of getting data immediately
  • Batch importing or exporting

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