C2C Sales Process

Workflow for an Investment Sales Process


Coast2Coast is a value investor, using our team’s own capital to finance our investments. Coast2Coast achieves its vision by taking a semi active ownership role in its portfolio of companies, and creating value by partnering with management teams in order to improve strategic, operational and financial performance.

Coast2Coast was founded in 2007 by entrepreneurs Gary Shayne and Cris Dillon with the vision of building a global investment company. Their first decade of stellar growth has been built on the finest investment and operational teams working together in key focused sectors.
Coast2Coast’s mission is to boldly and innovatively acquire and develop great businesses at fair value.They are value investors, using our own team’s capital to finance our investments.

Their strategy is to acquire and build sector specific platform companies and divisions. This includes over 50 deals to date (totaling over US$1.5 billion in value).
Their team consists of over 50 professionals with over 400 combined year’s experience in the field of investment, strategy and operating successful businesses. It is divided across specialist teams focused on research, origination, legal, debt, corporate finance, investor relations and portfolio improvement


The Coast2Coast product is in essence a workflow system that guides the sales team to capture their leads and progress with the sale. This allows for all data related to the investment to be captured in the system and Realtime management reports can be pulled to show where in the process each lead is.

Exco has a view of all items in the pipeline and timelines for completion.

All documentation linked to an investment is collated and available with the lead information.

Notifications and tasks are all managed from the system and is available through out the world in all their branches.